First, you collect the ingredients and try not to get too intimidated. Keep it simple, real simple – because you know you have two kids and a party the next day. Box cake-mix is just fine, as is the instant pudding mix. Shoot to mix it all during the littlest’s nap (so you can give your older child full attention), then pop it in the oven when your older child has his nap so you can give your littlest some quality attention of her own. Or go and take a nap yourself.

First step: get your kid to mix the box stuff up. He’ll love it, I promise. 

Mix it all up! Double batched. Then divvy the cake mix into however many colours you’d like in your rainbow.

Add that food colouring, baby! Woo-hoo! (we used both gel and regular, by the way – the gel produced some neon-like effects that were pretty fun)

See? Neat-o!

And now… pour it into the pan. Red first.

Then orange. Then yellow.

Green, blue, purple Just slowly pour each colour right on top of the previous. For some reason, it causes the previous colour to evenly push out.

Done pouring! Ain’t that purdy?

Into the oven. 350F, for about an hour (I just did the toothpick test to check. Scratch that. We didn’t have toothpicks. I used a fork).


 Lovely and yet it’s got this huge hump right in the middle which foils my plans for a double-decker rainbow extravaganza. So.

 I thought I’d put the back seat cook in the driver’s seat Plus, despite the fact that he still smokes (for shame), he’s got steadier hands than I.

Gorgeously executed

Round two: everything, repeated.


I slapped on the instant lemon pudding over the top of the first cake (instant lemon pudding is, by the way, really instant – I didn’t know that! it tastes pretty darn good, too)


I thought the second cake was prettier than the first (the hues were softer),  but it broke when we flipped it over. Ack! I added it to the top of the first cake anyway, then cut around the the worst of the break, leaving a simple circle.

A lot of cutting…

Then I decorated the crap out of it. Sprinkles galore! Cake pens! Frosting tubes! I pulled all the stops. Except for those silvery bead-things we used to eat when I was a kid in Fiji. Mostly because I couldn’t find them at Target.

 Brought the cake to the park. The very, very windy and unexpectedly cold park. The park in which someone else reserved ALL THE TABLES, used 3 and refused to share even one. The park in which I was so freakin’ happy to see friends, both new and old. Who had gathered with love to celebrate with me the births of my two little precious people.

 And helped cup the candles from the wind so that Micah could try his hand at blowing them out

 And sliced up that rainbow cake

 Sliced, eaten, gone

Mmmmm,mmmmm. Good!

So this is how you make a rainbow cake:

1. At least one kid to make it with you
2. Lots of time
3. At least one big kid to help smooth over the screwy parts
4. Lots of love
5. Lots of kids, big and small, to eat it with you
6. And more love

(actual recipe from Onmonicon, only I didn’t use the soda. Just the full-on box recipe. The frosting for the top cake was from Sandy’s Tried and True, doubled. And mixed some with the remaining lemon pudding)


Nomadic photo-junkie, cat-lover, peasant-handed mom of 3. Life is never dull.


  1. Okay, so that cake is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen. I'm definitely going to have to try that one out soon!!! Wow!

  2. Team Lando Reply

    I love this. And I grew up with those silver things that break your teeth, too. I wonder if they still make 'em? I don't remember seeing them at Christmas. I'll be on the lookout, though!

  3. They are called silver dragees. They are available for mail order (google silver dragee), but last time I ordered them, they weren't allowed to ship or sell in Cali, because they are known to have cancer-causing agents. If you have friends across the border, you can get them to order em 😀
    This is the funnest looking cake I have ever seen! It makes me happy to see this kind of baking out there! Thanks, Love!

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