The Mama Be Strong Wellness challenge is over and I absolutely loved it.

I loved it because (maybe for once?!) I set realistic goals for myself and went in with an intent to establish new habits for myself and to become stronger.

I did both. Here are the three things that I got out of doing a reset:

  1. New Way of Looking at Food:

I wanted to look closely at how and what I was consuming by way of food, and explore new ways of eating that might serve me and my kids better.

I tried the 21 Day Keto Reset Diet by Mark Sisson and besides it being expensive, I really liked it (my review post is linked here). I did not consistently hit a ketosis state, and I got confused with vog and the “keto flu”, so the there was that. But all in all, it was a fantastic reset and helped me look at food in a way that feels a hell of a lot better than how I was.

2. Some New Habits:

I like exercising usually, but DVD’s can get boring. I like being around other people who also grimace while they try to do ONE.MORE.SET and you know what else I like? I like seeing old grannie lifting weights!

It turns out that my insurance covers a gym membership, so I’ve been happy going. It’s not just “happy” – I think it’s more accurate to say that it’s been “a game changer”. I’ve realized that I can turn into a stressed out bitch from hell when I don’t exercise. Check out my Instagram from the challenge –

Mama Be Strong 21 Day Wellness Reset Challenge, Day 20. I am so happy about this post!! See, I REALLY wanted and NEEDED to exercise. I was so stressed out (about my mom visiting) and the kids are off for summer now (oh, hello, more stress). I took the kids to the gym with me. There is no childcare there, but the gym had assured me that the kids could hang out in the lobby with a device, because there was wifi. Well, when I went, there was no wifi. I was PISSED, to the point where, when I felt that the staff was being insincere in their apologies, “I’m sorry” (but not really looking sorry), I snapped, “you should be!” I ended up downloading a show for Moxie through my iPhone hotspot. Micah had a Switch that did not require wifi. And this mama got to work out, release the stress, get it all feeling good again. And the staff got an apology from this mama too, for snapping at them. ALL IS WELL and exercise is like the great healer/releaser #MamaBeStronger

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So, yeah. Exercise + Me = WIN

The challenge comes in getting it all together and not letting myself get overwhelmed with the exigencies of child-rearing and putting it to the back burner.

3. Spiritual Musculature

I tried to vary my posts in the Mama Be Strong Facebook Community and the Instagram between what was going on physically, spiritually and with food.

I probably put the most emphasis in this challenge to my spiritual musculature. I read from A Course in Miracles every day. I mean, I DID IT.

I listened to Marianne Williamson at the gym (on Audible) while at the gym or cooking, or both. I think I put in a solid two hours DAILY on a Course in Miracles, meditating, prayer and striving to get closer to God.

All of this practice just means that it’s turning into a solid habit now, which was my intention – big yay there!

I still have a long way to go

I feel like this was a great way to focus on habits I want, and I have so much further to go before these are deeply ingrained and an actual part of me.

A Course in Miracles? I’m only on page 79 (out of 669!). I’m only on Lesson 30 in the student workbook! I have a long way to go, just in terms of finishing the Course, let alone in applying these deep, profoundly life-changing concepts.

Food? I still look lovingly at the Doritos in 7-11. I mean, I don’t think I’m where I want to be until I can actually look at them and wonder why I want them.

Exercise: I get tired and my muscle tone is pretty limited. Body fat is at 30%. I have a long way to go before I’m where I want to be.

And that’s all great. I’ll continue chronicling my movement forward on this blog, and hopefully you’ll be joining me!

The community is linked here; Instagram is here.





3 Things I Got Out of the Mama Be Strong 21 Day Wellness Challenge: With quite a way to go before I reach my final goals, I still got 3 things out of the Mama Be Strong Wellness Challenge, and they are worth

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