Bike riding has always been something I’ve enjoyed and I wanted my kids to like it as much as I do.

Living on the Lost Coast was hard for that though, since it wasn’t safe for the kids to bike down the country roads (too many crazy-fast huge trucks), and the roads by our yurt were nearly vertically UP or DOWN.

So, I bought the kids big wheels instead of bikes. Big wheels, because they’d totally work on those vertical hills!

Guess which one was Moxie’s?!

They had a ton of fun with them on the hill, but when we moved to Blue Lake, I only brought Mack and Moxie’s. Micah already knows how to ride a bike, so I figured he’d get more use out of a regular bike over his big wheel.

Since I didn’t have much money, I headed on over to the Eureka Bike Kitchen where I picked up a sweet little used and revamped number for him for $15.

He was stoked.

I mean, the kid went from being stuck on a hill in the middle of nowhere, unable to go anywhere on his own or do anything, to PURE FREEDOM, and the ability to bike to and from school everyday.

Blue Lake is a really fun town to bike in. Or big wheel. It’s flat, with awesomely large sidewalks for kids to ramp it up on.

The kids were psyched.

We went out just about every day, big wheeling over at Perigot Park (which has some sweet little ramps)

and just out and around

Big Wheels to Bikes

After big wheeling for a couple of months, Mack and Moxie invariably took long looks at Micah on his bike and begged pleaded demanded whined ASKED for one too.

I wanted to get the strider bikestrider bike for Moxie – you know the kind that’s larger, for kids with disabilities?

It was out of my budget though. I contacted the company and offered a review so we could go ahead with one, but they said no (ouch!). So….. we went back to the bike kitchen – seriously, God bless that place. They were so kind to us! I really loved them.

We picked up another $15 bike (with training wheels) for Moxie and a slightly more expensive one for Mack (also with training wheels), so, all set.

The Mad River Levy

The Mad River (that runs through Blue Lake) has this levy from heaven. Seriously – it wraps clear around a large swath of river, with lovely, wide paths to walk or bike ride.

I loved that place. It was the perfect walking ground for me, and I loved bringing the kids down there to bike ride while I walked.

Especially Micah, because he’s fast!

The kids even biked to school!

bike riding in blue lake


Talk about happy!

Blue Lake isn’t really known in Humboldt as a great town to bike around in, but I think it should be.

I mean, it’s easy to take the kids there and bike safely around. It’s super cute and charming – kind of like the kids themselves!


Bike Plans

After we move to Hawaii, I think I’ll save up for a couple of solid small bikes for Mack and Moxie

…but the kind that are without training wheels, and also take the pedals off, to make them more into balance bikes so they can work on their core. When M&M work well with that and are solid, I’ll put the pedals back on.

Hopefully that will get them off training wheels in a safe and comfortable way. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Hi Meriah and kids:

    balance bikes are just starting to get cool in Australia.

    thank you for sharing your biking adventures in such country and among your peers.

  2. I lived in Blue Lake as a child for several months in 1968. I remember the small town with great affection. Many years before moving to Blue Lake, my parents happened to drive there from their home in Ferndale. Not finding a lake, they stopped a police officer and asked where the lake was. The officer spun quite the tale: well, several years ago a big ol’ Frog jumped in the lake and splashed all the water out and now it is dry. The fellow departed laughing hysterically. I heard that story many times.

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