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9 years ago I tried tested out my first Ergobaby carrier. I plopped baby Micah in my friend Stefanie’s carrier and went hiking with her while carrying – and nursing! – my baby in it.

It was amazing and I loved it and went right back to the Ergo when Moxie was born. Because Moxie has Down syndrome, I took the infant insert to her physical therapist for approval before putting her in – I wanted to make sure that it would be safe for her and her lower-tone limbs.

It was, and we enjoyed years of use.

Moxie in the Ergo

The Ergo was an absolutely indispensable part of being able to travel. We went all over the place with it – I carried (and nursed) Micah and Moxie in France, Belgium, all over the US and of course, Mexico.

The Ergo in Mexico

Coupled with the BOB, all things were possible.the Ergo and the BOB

I could just pop Moxie in the Ergo, Micah in the BOB Revolution, and boom, go anywhere.

I could also nurse anywhere, right from the carrier – and nursing was not easy for me.

I wore that first Ergo completely out through daily, continual use. By the time my third child came, I needed a new one, and went happily ahead with the gray/star one that seemed ubiquitous in the San Francisco Bay Area! (seriously – who did not have a gray Ergo with stars on it?!).

With the infant insert

And back to nursing in it again too!

There – can you tell I’m nursing in that photo?

I wore that Ergo out completely too, wearing it right from the start, as it stayed away from my c-section incision.

It was awesome.

I used it front, back and side – in all 3 of the directions that the Ergo was ready to carry a child in.

The Omni 360

Done having kids but still in love with the Ergo, I was psyched when I found out that the Ergo was coming out with the Omni 360.

The Ergobaby Omni 360

Ergobaby Omni 360: When You Need Every Option

The Omni 360 is the culmination of all that is awesome about an Ergo carrier. It has the stability and security of the bucket seat from the classic Ergo (so the baby will never be dangling forward from their crotch), it does not require an infant insert (like the classic and the 360), you can cross the straps on your back for added support, and it can carry a child facing-forward.

Child Facing Forward

Now, with Mack and Moxie (my second and third children), it hadn’t made much of a difference that the Ergo hadn’t been able to carry them facing forward, because by the time they were straining to look around, I could just put them on my back.

But with Micah (my first born), it was different.

He would have loved to have been able to face forward after he was a few months old. In fact, he obviously wanted to face forward so badly that I tried the Bjorn (the only carrier at the time that faced forward), which wrecked havoc on my unsupported back, still recovering from the c-section.

The Omni 360

The Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier can be worn in any direction: facing forward or chest-wards, on the back or on the hip. What’s important is that worn in any direction, it comes with Ergo’s solid child comfort and safety systems.

Ergo sent one over which my nephew and bonus-niece used with my newborn great-niece, Anaya Love.

See?! This is why every parent needs an Ergo!

Because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do anything with two kids unless you are wearing one of them!

(and isn’t my nephew handsome?!)

A hands-on Daddy, he puts his baby girl Anaya right in the Ergobaby Omni 360 and plays with 2 (almost 3!) -year old Dayyan.

Should YOU buy the Ergobaby Omni 360?

If you want the option of carrying your child facing forward, and if you don’t want to use an infant insert, then YES. The Omni 360 also gives you the ability to cross the back straps (yes! really), a detachable bag for money/keys. Like all of the Ergobaby carriers, it’s sturdy, machine-washable, built to last.

Ergobaby is giving ONE reader of this blog a carrier!

To enter, just answer this question in the comments:

What’s your favorite thing about babies?

Winner will be selected by in a week.


Fine print about the giveaway:

  • US and Canada only Winner should expect 4-8 weeks for delivery of prize.
  • If prize is out of stock, Ergobaby reserves the right to substitute prize with equal value.
Ergobaby Omni 360: When You Need Every Option
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Trip down memory lane – Micah in the BOB and Moxie in the Ergo, waiting in the Oakland airport for our baggage…

I used the classic, standard Ergobaby carrier for years, through 3 children and 2 heart-to-heart infant inserts. Here reviewing Ergobaby Omni 360, which (for the first time) also faces forward. A giveaway is also going on

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  1. My favorite thing about babies? Right now, everything. The snuggles, the little squeaks and grunts, the tiny clothes, the “wow this world is a pretty cool place” wonderstruck gazes around the room…

    I am fully in a new baby-induced haze of wonderment right now. 😀

    This Ergo would certainly come in handy as I navigate parenting three girls!

  2. Shawna Mickelson Reply

    My favorite thing about babies is the smell. That clean milky smell- they smell so good. It must be a Mom thing. 😉

  3. Sarah Myers Reply

    My favorite thing about babies is their innocence! They’re unaware of how crazy the world is out there! I love that 😍

  4. I know someone who could really use a great Ergo! I loved mine! My favorite thing about babies is the snuggles!

  5. Rebekah Casper Reply

    My favorite thing about babies is how such a small little person can make a huge impact on a room full of people! Like sunshine on a rainy day! A good read, I’ve been researching for the best baby carrier for our trip to Europe this spring

  6. Jennifer Hess Reply

    The best thing about babies to me is just how sweet and innocent they are. They don’t judge you and talk back and just want to be loved and cared for.

  7. My favourite thing about babies is the noises they make. I love all the little sounds that sound like birds to dinosaurs!

  8. Kathy Richardson Reply

    My favorite thing about babies is watching them grow and meet new milestones like laughing and sitting up!

  9. How vulnerable they are. Makes everyone in love with whomever they stared at.

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