Your Facebook feed is probably peppered (or flooded!) with photos of your friends comparing their selfies with museum art.

Want in?

It’s really fun – just download the (free) Google Arts & Culture App available for iOS and Android. The app is loaded with art from museums all around the world, and you can search the museum archives to see if your picture is a match with any of the art.

So! To find who you like like, just load the app, scroll down until you see the “is your portrait in a museum?” Button. Click it, then, tap “Get Started” and then the on-screen instructions will walk you through taking a picture of your face. You can’t upload an existing image – you can only use a photo that you take through the app.

My results have me looking like Bianca Cappello, who sounds Italian and that sounds cool to me. On another note, man, do I ever look tired!

The number of my lady friends who have had their doppelgänger point to a portrait of a man is hysterical. It’s clearly hit or miss with some of the matches, but in the case of the kids, it seemed more of a hit:


Right?! I mean, look at Mack and Micah’s! I can definitely see the resemblance there.

Anyway, once you get over having fun with seeing your doppelgänger, you can play with the rest of the app, checking out art from the museums that have uploaded art.

It’s comprehensive, so it sounds like a lot of happy armchair-viewing.


How to Find Your Doppelgänger on Google Arts & Culture

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