So, I got the flu.

Straight-up knock-ya-down flu, complete with weekly-long inescapable headache, chills/sweats, body ache, the whole thing. I was kind of crying as I’d get the kids ready for school in the morning, drive them, and then head back and do what I had to do before resting a bit before heading back to pick them up again (the school days are pretty short and they are not in after care yet).

it was miserable but to be honest, the entire time that I was sick, I was mostly worried that I had rat lungworm, not the flu, so I was really grateful that it was just the flu. You might be wondering what on earth rat lungworm is, right? Hang on; let me insert a little information box here!

Rat Lungworm: 

snail crawling up a stalk

It’s a disease that can also cause meningitis. It”s from a parasite that lives in rats. The rats poop, and the parasite larvae is in the poop. Snails and slugs eat the poop and ingest the larvae.

When snails or slugs crawl on fresh fruit or vegetables, the larvae is transmitted and just waiting for a nice human to eat it, unwashed, so that it can move on into the human body.

Gross, right?!

And super deadly.

Rat lungworm scares the crap out of me because my mom got meningitis from it in Fiji – and if you ever saw someone with meningitis, you’d be scared, too.

So back to the flu.

I was glad it was the flu, and not rat lungworm… and then I got better and had a week of much-better health.

In that week of much-better health, I had to-do lists a mile long, and everything needed to be squeezed into the time the kids are at school – because even finding respite and signing up for the after-school program were on that to-do list….

I tried to take the kids outside and explore a bit –

Because it really is every kind of torture to be sick, sicker then sickest and be looking at all this water and exciting foliage and want to be out there DOING THINGS and only be able to weakly cough.

So, it was all getting better and then, splat, I got sick again.

This time – bonus! – without headaches or nausea. Also, this time – double bonus! – I had a stocked arsenal of all kinds of “cold and flu” related things already, so I didn’t need to crawl over to Walgreens.

The kids sort of got sick too.

Moxie got sick for exactly 2 hours on Monday: 7-9am. Mack was sick all day for one day, then over it. Micah was well, and then got a cough later.

See the turtle in the far right corner?

It looks like a large leaf… kind of. Right?

That made my day. Sea turtles are like magical, mystical creatures to me, unicorns of the deep. I think seeing that helped my body start to kick the sick again.

Not totally over it yet, but getting there.

Hope you and yours are staying well, because it sure is crazy out there with the flu and colds this year.


Nomadic photo-junkie, cat-lover, peasant-handed mom of 3. Life is never dull.

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