I think one of our deepest fears as people is that we are not enough.

We are not smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough, good enough. We’re not enough in some way, and we spend a lot of time trying to BE enough. We try and buy this, get that job, have a certain kind of relationship, look a certain way and maybe then – if we’ve done all that – we’ll be enough.

But this is the thing: we are made of star-dust.

Each and every one of us was made in the glory of the universe, ever-loved, always loved by our Creator, who IS love.

In that love, just as we are, we are enough, we were always enough and we will always be enough.

This means ALL of us, because nowhere is it said only some of us. We do not live in exclusion-based universe.

That delusion of not being enough was created by us, NOT by God, because we were created perfect, each and every one of us. There are no exceptions to this truth.

A person with Down syndrome is the way that they should be.

Each and every person is exactly as they should be. They were created by a Source that is beyond any of our imaginings, exactly as those of us without Down syndrome were, and we are all made of the same star-dust – we’re all connected.


So let’s see each other AS WE ARE, see people with Down syndrome as they are, with the extra chromosome and all. They are not talented, with potential, beautiful and worthy of love only if we somehow mitigate the effects of the extra chromosome that they possess. This wasn’t how they were created; no.

Just as those of us without Down syndrome were not created with exceptions – oh, you are perfect except for your ears; change your ears and you’ll be good enough – they were not created for us to see beyond a fundamental part of who they are in order to be loved, accepted, or to be enough.

We are enough.

Each and every one of us was always enough.

I think the challenge for any and all of us is to move from beyond picking each other apart for whatever reason (disability, extra chromosomes, skin color, gender, what-have-you), to see each other as whole, unbroken, beautiful expressions of a perfect universe, and to BELIEVE in each other.

To believe in the good in us all – really believe in it, see it as existing even when we have no evidence of it.

Believe in it, and to love the good we see (or believe is there) even when we want to set the conditions of “not enough” on it.

Because we are all enough. We always were. Let’s see each other, no exclusions, no conditions, see the person.

And that includes the chromosome.

see the person