Micah and I went to watch Black Panther for our “Mommy/Micah” day and it was awesome. I mean, I was kind of running around like an ecstatic Oprah after it –


Because THAT MOVIE!!!

It was everything everyone said, then some!

The cast was outstanding, the acting was outta sight. Action-packed but without a ton of bloodshed, and tons o’ tech. It was thought provoking and it had depth.

Black Panther was everything and more.

And here’s the thing:


I was actually able to understand Black Panther. For the first time in forever, I went to a theatre and not only did they have devices for captions, but they WORKED.

I’m going to capitalize that, because it’s that important to me:

THE THEATRE HAD CAPTIONING DEVICES (at all, point, blank, they had them) and – (drumroll?) – THE DEVICES WORKED

Back tracking here, no movies are captioned in theaters here in America unless they are in a language other than English.

So, most of the time that I go to watch a movie, it’s with the understanding that I will be watching it mostly for fun, and that I’m going to walk out of the theatre understanding a fraction of what went on.

Added to that, the theatres that I have been going to either require me to let them know TWO WEEKS in advance of going to a movie so that they can get me a device



OR there are no devices OR the devices don’t work. So, that this point in my 44 years of life, I have actually being to the theatre in the United States exactly ZERO times with full access to captioning.



My normal mode is to go to the theatre for a movie with my kids because it’s fun – or because I want to see something on the big screen – but if I really want to understand what is being said, I’ll need to wait for the DVD/Netflix and the captions.

Back to Black Panther

I had on the captioning glasses and it accurately captured all dialogue.

Micah ended up wanting captions (he has perfect hearing but he’s so used to captions at home that he just wanted them) so he used the cup-holder caption thing since I was just using the glasses (- the movie theatre gave me BOTH!!!! and they BOTH WORKED!!)

So, on every level, I was beyond thrilled.

I got to enjoy this amazing movie with my son, and I got to understand what the amazing movie was actually about. I got to laugh at the jokes and I got to savor every bit of the dialogue.

I got to laugh and cry at the dynamic between Shuri and T’Challa (reminding me so much of my own brother and I) – and I never would have been able to had that captioning not been present.

And as I walked out – like that ecstatic Oprah! – and Micah and I jumped up and down and hugged each other with glee – OH MY GOD! THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! – I just couldn’t help but think of how lucky hearing people are to just walk into any movie and understand everything, and how I’ll bet hearing people take that for granted.

I also couldn’t help but be overwhelmingly grateful for this gift of access that the caption devices provide and how much of a game-changer and equalizer it is for us deaf.