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The Mama Be Strong vlog about slipping up, focus, and holistic wellness planning is the focus of this post. It’s 10 minutes long and captioned. For those of you that aren’t into videos, I have the summary of the content in written form, and for everyone that is interested, I have links to the books I’m talking about and the Facebook and Instagram communities.,

Vlog 2: Slipping Up, Focus and Holistic Health Planning

Thoughts on Slipping Up

Like I was saying in the vlog, I have a tendency to think in extremes with exercise and eating, which doesn’t make much sense. I mean, I realize in everyday life that slipping up is something that happens: chores sometimes don’t get done, plans don’t unfold the way that I crafted them in my beloved planner. But with those everyday things, I accept that and trust that it’s going to get done tomorrow (or the day after) and I keep moving forward.

What I am trying to do now is to adopt that accepting thinking with my exercise and eating – to give myself grace and trust that I’ll pick it up again tomorrow (or the day after) and that I’ll keep moving forward.

The Spiritual Component to Weight Loss and/or Wellness

I talked about A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever by Marianne Williamson, which is giving me a lot to think about. She dives into the real reasons behind why we might have negative relationships with food or our bodies, and the spiritual principles behind make it feel connected to me.

Getting skinny isn’t my goal here. Sure, I’d like to lose weight and become physically stronger (Michelle Obama arms! #goals). But I’m not in this to GET SKINNY. I’m in this to improve my overall life, to learn about eating choices that make me happier, to figure out how to love myself more, to fear less and to live more fully.

Towards that end:

Feng Shui for Wellness

Feng Shui is a concept I really believe in (and will talk more about later). It’s essentially the art (and science) of space arrangement to improve the flow of energy in your life. I talked about this book:

 Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui: Free Yourself from Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Clutter Forever I talked in the vlog about how my former boss (and forever-mentor), Sarah Dunham, gave me this book years ago and it really changed my life. I wore that copy out and went and bought this hard-covered version and am back to using it.

I have been busy feng shui’ing my house and while it never felt bad to begin with, it feels amazing now. So, feng shui definitely goes in my bag of “Awesome Things for Holistic Wellness.”

Food Planning

 Last of all, I talked about a new book I am working my way through, Mark Sisson’s The Keto Reset Diet (and I’m pretty excited about a new one coming out, The Keto Reset INSTANT POT Cookbook!!!!. I’ve known about him for a few years – someone reading this blog recommended him to me, actually (thank you!!) and he’s a veritable fount of information on health and wellness. Check out his website here.

In Summary

I’d love it if you joined the community over on Facebook, on Instagram, or just connected with me here. I love meeting others that are into this stuff and are trying to move forward in the same direction.

So, I got the flu. Straight-up knock-ya-down flu, complete with weekly-long inescapable headache, chills/sweats, body ache, the whole thing. I was kind of crying as I'd get the kids ready for school in the morning, drive them, and then head back and do what I had to do before resting a bit before heading back
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Years ago in Taiwan, I was riding on a motorcycle with my brother, Dana. As we flew over a railroad track, the back tire of the motorcycle exploded, and when we landed, we crashed. I - having already gone through a horrific car accident when I was little and had PTSD - blacked out before
I'm obviously in a particularly unique period of my life. It's so unique that nothing really seems unique to me anymore. It's like, Dana's death + Mikey's gas lighting + the divorce + the move +solid entrance to bona-find single-momdom = this feeling of, Holy. Cow. Life is just big and weird and extreme and