Get Ready!

The Strong Mama 21 Day Holistic Wellness Challenge starts tomorrow, May 11th!

A quick recap on the long post about it:

This Challenge has 3 parts:

  • spiritual
  • food
  • physical/fitness

The point is to find something within each to challenge yourself with.

For myself, I commit to:

Spiritual: Reading and journaling from the Course in Miracles daily for 21 days (there will likely be a lot of Marianne Williamson thrown in via Audible)

Food: 21 days of the Keto Reset Diet (and cookbook) from Mark Sisson

Fitness/Physical: Half an hour everyday of something that gets my heart rate up – PiYo will be my main squeeze, but I will also do my morning yoga with Gaia (15 minutes from Yoga Everyday”). Walk/run also counts (I use the C25K app).


Let’s Get Our Groove On!!

In thinking about the challenge starting tomorrow, and any last-minute things that you might want to think about or integrate:

Do you have your food?

Clean your fridge?

Have your plan?

Come up with your exercise strategy?

Feel out what you want your spiritual challenge to be?

Did you..

Write it out?

Make a vision board maybe? (here’s an old post from me on how to make one)

Have an idea of how you will be accountable (if that’s what you want) for the next 21 days?

Did you join the “Mama Be Strong” group on Facebook?

Check out Mama Be Strong on Instagram – great place for photos. Hashtag your photos #mamabestronger

Starting Friday, May 11th, 2018

The challenge will run for 21 days, wrapping up on May 31st.

I’ll be posting daily, and hopefully I’ll see you there!



Get READY! The Strong Mama 21 Day Challenge Starts Tomorrow! - tune into the 3 pieces - physical, food and spiritual, create your plan and join others | fitness | challenge | wellness | strong mama | holistic health | Holistic wellness

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