I woke up yesterday and had my normal morning ritual-thing –

I light a candle or two, I meditate, read through “Glimpses of Grace”, write out my Two Minute Morning, and then usually go through this thing called “segmenting.” Segmenting is where I visualize – think about something and write about it as I want to see it. Sometimes it’s the house I want to buy and live in, sometimes it’s my life, sometimes it’s my day.

Yesterday, my segmenting process was about my day.

I want today to flowwww, I thought, like a river, sweet and smooth, and I’ll get SO MUCH DONE and it’ll feel SO GREAT!

Because this was the thing: I had posts to write. Writing deadlines. I had jobs to apply for, and sites to update. My Patrons have been neglected. I can’t do much when the kids are around, so I tend to wake up at 4 in the morning to get things done before they wake up, then work when they are at school – but they have been off school a lot recently, which makes it impossible for me to get much done.

Added to the physical pieces of WORK THAT NEEDS DOING, I was looking at grocery shopping and laundry.

I was feeling pretty good about plowing through a bunch, pre-dawn, then the kids got up and things were flowing, flowing. All good.

biking to school on a crazy day

We biked to school, SO AWESOME.

I love how they love this.

I love seeing my 3 kid’s bikes in the school bike rack.

Little bits of radness.

Said goodbye, so many kisses. I feel incredibly, deeply blessed in that my work offers me some flexibility and I can make sure my kids are happy at school before I walk home (to work, haha).

I saw this pretty flower on the way home. Not an iris – I wondered what it was… and this window! oooh, NICE!


I got home and starting completing some of my deadline-driven stuff. Then made a call to the towing company (my car won’t start!), and then another call to Fidelity (I’m wondering about their ABLE accounts) – and then made a note to write a post about how I can make phone calls now, thanks to bluetooth in my hearing aids, and then was thinking about how the other night, I was saying to the kids that my hearing aids were wonky because of the bluetooth, and Mack looks at me and says, “Mommy, you have a BLUE TOOTH?!!!”

So I was smiling, then I GOT THE CALL.


“Hi, we think Moxie has head lice, and we need you to come and pick her up”


But yes.

And it had started pouring rain. It’s cold and pouring rain and not sunny and golden like it had been only an hour earlier, and I’m freezing and the minute I step outside in my socks/birkenstocks (…..sigh), they are soggy and laden and squishy, but I have to get to the school fast, so I go forward.

Squish. Squish.

Turns out we all have lice. 

Holy mother of not-visualizing-this-reality. I was not expecting this, am HORRIFIED, and don’t know what to do, but the principal gets it all together for me and I go home with the kids and spend the next five hours washing, picking, combing, washing, picking, combing, washing, picking, combing.

THEN ungodly amounts of laundry.


At the end of it all, I just had to laugh, because it’s all so ridiculous and TOO MUCH, you know?! And I’m going to segment my day and visualize processes all I want and in the end, I know that God (Source, the Universe) wants to keep stuff lively.

And I swear. My head still feels itchy.

"mommy" by mack
"mommy" by mack
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  1. Good luck Meriah.

    And biking to school is so awesome. Or biking anywhere.

    [My favourite travelling vehicle is a water craft].

    And that purple misty flower.

    Saving up for twenty years.

    Yes – Mummy does have a Bluetooth.

    My hair lice idea: vinegar of the brown sort plus big head rubs.

    I remember my Council department visit for the lice vividly. I was reading Claudia and the Sad Goodbye.

    This – all this – is how segments are animated and connected.

  2. It can be kind of zen to comb through your kid’s hair picking out every nit. Don’t ask me how I know.

  3. Regine Franck Reply

    Hi Meriah
    the official line from Switzerland (the country that is so clean “one could drink minestrone soup off the pavement” as James Joyce has it): No Need to wash pillows, bedding and cuddly toys. Use a louse-repellent shampoo according to the directions and otherwise buy the cheapest conditioner you can find, apply, leave for 5 minutes. comb with a louse-comb, rinse and repeat the next day.
    Good luck

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