“What about Grandma?” — Taking the Family With You on Last Minute Deals

When time is ticking away and you have a house full of  eager holidaymakers in waiting, last minute deals on holiday may be just the thing to please everyone. You’ll have a choice of many locations, but the price is generally far lower than it is with conventional bookings.
Today, many holiday companies are well aware of the needs of larger families. Just because you have three children or more, or you have to travel with an elderly relative, doesn’t mean you can’t share special times together in a beautiful location. Last minute holidays are often considered the reserve of couples or parents with just one child, or with no children, but there’s no reason that larger groups can’t also make the most of this money-saving idea.

Although we talk about last minute breaks, of course that isn’t a literal time scale. Travel companies market these deals around two months prior to the scheduled departure date; they need to fill up vacant rooms and flights, so prices begin to take a nosedive. The closer you get to the day of departure, the lower prices are likely to fall, as operators find it hard to get every space occupied.

When you go for a last minute break, it’s likely that the package will be an all-in-one product, which means it is designed for everyone. It would be in your interest to check with the tour operator about the facilities at the hotel; do they have ramps or lifts for your older relative and is the pool child-friendly?

Similarly, if you want some quiet time while you’re away, choosing a good quality crèche for your brood is essential. So don’t leave it too late — instead use an online resource to monitor the family friendliness of your potential resort. Also, if you and yours are the adventurous types, why not try a location off the beaten track? Last minute breaks are even more economical if you book them to less popular countries like Bulgaria, but you can still expect top-of-the-range accommodation and a quieter atmosphere that Grandma may appreciate.

Finally, take a few moments to think about the weather, young children and the elderly don’t always enjoy soaring temperatures. They may suffer from tiredness or even dehydration if you don’t keep a close eye on them, so always check out the website of the weather authorities for insider information on how hot it might get whilst you’re away.


You may feel like a last minute getaway and leaving everything behind for a week or two. Now you can and no one needs to get left behind.

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