Mikey got sick on the way over to Hawai’i. He said it was the air conditioner on the plane ride over, and who knows? Maybe it was!

As his ever-loving (and always watchful) wife though, I think it was just that time of year. It’s like, his body is set to ‘go-go-GO’ and then all of the sudden when it has a chance to rest, it just explodes into a cascade of unwellness. Happens every year, right around this time.

This time though, we were in Hawai’i! I knew what to do – I got him a bottle of Noni Juice and had fun watching him drink it. Noni Juice, tastes like how I imagine old shoe leather gone mildewy, then liquified would. Yum!


Mack was curious about it when he saw the bottle and heard the word, “juice” – so we gave him some!

Mikey and I went for a walk before the kids were up. Thanks, Mom! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

We were trying to find the petroglyphs, and it was kind of funny, because we walked way the hell out there over a bunch of lava before Mikey said, “you know, I think we are going the wrong way.” Sure enough, we were.

Here’s the petroglyphs:


Very cool.

Know what else was cool?!

Honor-system macadamia nut stand!

And when Mikey went to get a bag of the fresh, zip lock-bagged mac nuts, he noticed that the key for their money box was also in the basket.

The “Organic Coconut Water” place was also awesome. We went in, and instead of a glass of coconut water, we were served the real deal.

We all hung out in under the corrugated plastic roof while the guy cut open our coconuts and Mikey scooped the soft, white, quivering flesh into more ziplock bags , to enjoy on the road. The guy whose shop it was left immediately after the last coconut had been split open, leaving us in his shop alone with his cat.

We drove further up the coast to Hawi, where my Mom and Dad used to live. They both taught at the school in Kapa’au.

It’s beautiful up there. Really lovely. Lush and jungle-y and fierce, interspersed with landscape that could come straight from the Lost Coast: misty fields with cows, sheep and goats. We even saw little pigs.

It was one of those days with rain and wind. It bothered us all not at all, as it was warm and the wild feeling when warm wind arises is kind of exhilarating.

I wanted to climb down, but doing that in flip-flops wouldn’t be sensible.


Nomadic photo-junkie, cat-lover, peasant-handed mom of 3. Life is never dull.

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