So, we had to go to the Bay Area again to eat:bay area foodOh man, were we ever on an Asian food junkie-fiend-fix! We were gulping down those kimchi pancakes, spicy soup, chicken feet, taro balls and what-have-you like there literally was no tomorrow.

But I was just kidding; we didn’t actually go to the Bay Area to eat. We went to SHOP:


In between Ikea slathering Swedish domination on us in the form of the hunt for un-pronouceable things on Aisle whatever, Bin something-or-other, I had some epiphanies:

1. There are more people in my mom’s apartment complex than there are in my entire valley

2. It seems fewer people there know one another than they do in my entire valley

I am thinking that this ruthless combination of not knowing a community or neighbors leads to fundamentally not caring about each other and that is what is dissolving our society, what is ripping it at the seams and making so many of us sad inside.


I passed a homeless man sleeping on the street in Oakland and I thought to myself how I’d never see that on the Lost Coast. I don’t think people slip through the cracks as easily when they the cracks are as narrow as they are in the country. Don’t get me wrong – I think there are other things (and meth/pot come to mind here), but overall this area seems infinitely better for the depressed soul.

We came home – and I swear, the minute we entered the Redwood Grove that signals the beginning of the road to the southern part of the Lost Coast, I felt something in my heart open up and relax.

way home


This is it.

We’re home.


And this is what’s going on around here:

meriah nichols_-21Cherries! 

Yeah, I’ve never had cherry trees growing around me before. Moxie and I went over to our orchard (squeee! orchard!!!) and picked some. We were going to bring it over to Mikey, busy farming but uhhhhh…. yeah…. we got distracted.

meriah nichols_-24 meriah nichols_-23 meriah nichols_-22 meriah nichols_-20 meriah nichols_-18 meriah nichols_-17 meriah nichols_-13 meriah nichols_-19Apples!

meriah nichols_-10


meriah nichols_-25

Mac-Q discovered that grass just doesn’t taste very good…

meriah nichols_-7 meriah nichols_-8

Kermit in the shower!

meriah nichols_-5

And the flowers are all opening up and saying, “hi!”

hi to you, too
hi to you, too

meriah nichols_-27


meriah nichols_-28

There are 5 million things around here to explore – vibrance is in the air, right along with dragonflies, hummingbirds and hawks.

meriah nichols_-3 meriah nichols_-2 meriah nichols_-4We’re looking at a whole lot of Ikea picture-book-building things this weekend, I know I’ll be happy Mikey’s willing to face those blank-faced stick figures they have in the directions, and happier still to just have some furniture to make our yurt a little more of a home

Until it’s all done, we have so much to enjoy outside

meriah nichols_-29
meriah nichols_-11

meriah nichols_-9May your weekend be filled with all the magic it can – if you live in one of those densely populated communities, I hope you get to know someone that makes you smile.



The book that I’m pulling together? I was set to hit “publish” yesterday and guess what. Yes. The entire program crashed and I don’t know what is happening. I might have lost it all or it might be tucked away somewhere in there? Blurb is checking on it for me now. fingers crossed. More than fingers crossed: PLEASE GOD LET THAT NOT BE LOST!!! I don’t know if I can do that all over again!



Nomadic photo-junkie, cat-lover, peasant-handed mom of 3. Life is never dull.

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