Many people have asked how to help the people impacted by the volcano here on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

As you know, the volcano fissures and the lava flows are getting bigger and even more people are permanently displaced by the loss of their homes. The evacuations are still in effect. With the ash plumes on Thursday, schools in that area were closed . The whole situation is highly stressful, and help is appreciated.

Because most of my readers are from the mainland United States or abroad (hi, you lovely Australians!), I am focusing on online aid. If locals are reading, I”m sure you know that there are direct donation and volunteer companies out with Salvation Army, all the local banks, Food Basket, Food Banks, and Emergency Disaster Services. If you know of another solid donation avenue, please leave the link in the comments on this post. Mahalo nui.

  1. Pu’uhonua o Puna:

The kid’s school is championing Pu’uhonua o Puna – which is a grassroots organization that sprang up immediately to help: neighbors helping neighbors, Puna Strong. Tthey don’t have anything fancy like a website – it’s just a Facebook page and their GoFundMe in addition to an account set up by Bank of Hawaii. The details (copy/pasted from their FB page) are below.

Bank of Hawaii Account:

Our friends at Bank of Hawaii set up an account in our name – Pu’uhonua o Puna. Drop by or call any branch to make a donation.
Our bank account # is 0094851327. Go to and click on Locations to find a branch. All money collected will go directly to residents impacted by lava activities

They have a local “Hub” going where they accept food, diapers and other physical donations – check out their Facebook page for the latest requests.

2. Catholic Charities

They have a $10,000 grant going, upon which all donations will be added. The money will be used to help out with rent for people who lost their homes. You can donate online here, or by phone at  808-527-4820

3. Red Cross

You can donate money directly to the American Red Cross Hawaii Chapter (linked here) or call them at (808) 739-8109. They are also looking for volunteers for their shelters on the Big Island.

4. AT&T

AT&T has a text-to-donate campaign for people impacted by Kilauea in Puna. You can donate $10 to the Hawaii Community Foundation by texting “VOLCANO” to 50555. 100 percent of the money donated will go to help the victims of the volcano.

5. Go Fund Me – Direct Aid to Help People Impacted by the volcano:

Go Fund Me has a specific page for people who have lost everything from the volcano: Cause: Hawai’i Volcano. The families have their individual pages, collectively linked to the page.


Mahalo nui loa for your care, concern and donations.

I know the people impacted truly appreciate the aloha.

How to Help the People Impacted by the Volcano
note: this is not a photo from the current flow – it’s an older flow, and a screenshot from Wikipedia, so I’m not sure who to credit!

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