The Strong Mama 21 Day Challenge

The Strong Mama 21 Day Challenge  started on May 11th. The post about it is linked here, but in sum, it’s a challenge to focus on strengthening ourselves in 3 ways: physically, spiritually and with attention to what we consume.

The “Mama Be Strong” Facebook group and the Instagram has been a lot of fun for me. It’s challenging to post every day and that keeps me on my toes, as does the accountability.

Here are some highlights:

Mama B. Strong on Instagram – some photos from the challenge

I apologize to the readers out there who are swiping the screen, all “dang, meriah! your sweaty face is just too close there, yo!” Selfies are just weird and I’m still getting the hang of them – hopefully I’ll have the distance better mapped out before the next big thing comes, right?!

Anyway, it’s been hard but good.

Exercise: The Gym & BeachBody Products

I was just doing BeachBody stuff – PiYo and the 21 Day Fix Extreme – when I found out that my health insurance actually covers gym membership! I’m a total gym rat, so I skipped on over.

It is SO REFRESHING to sweat next to other people and see all the various ages and body types in the gym, especially a gym here in small-town Hawai’i. It is a hell of a lot more motivating than popping in a DVD is, but I still do some DVD action because the gym doesn’t offer childcare (no gyms here do – great opportunity for someone to start one!).


I’m loosely following the The Keto Reset Diet – “loosely” because it seems like all of the recipes contain a lot of ingredients that I never seem to have on hand or are really expensive so I need to substitute.

I’m intrigued by this this different way of approaching food. I have not had a hard time cutting out carbs and sugar out, and I’ve been really surprised by this, to be honest. I thought “carbs and sugar” were my middle name, but it turns out that they really aren’t, so long as I have a lot of protein in me. Interesting! I’m continuing this out to see where it leads.

A Course in Miracles

I”m studying A Course in Miracles, and it is slooooooow going. I’m consistent – I read it every morning – but the text is so intense that I’m lucky if I get through a page a day. It’s often half a page, then re-reading that same half a page again the next day.

“Light reading,” it is not.

But “really amazing,” it is.

I listen to plenty of Marianne Williamson’s work to help me understand it better. I am not sure I’d be able to reframe a lot of the symbolic and Christian concepts in The Course if it were not for Marianne Williamson, so her books (which I listen to on Audible) are indispensable for me.

That’s where I am now – only a few days left of this particular challenge but female-idenfying readers who want to join are welcome over in the group on Facebook!


Nomadic photo-junkie, cat-lover, peasant-handed mom of 3. Life is never dull.

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