Let’s say you married someone that is the Love of Your Life but is the absolute worst at gift giving? We are talking purely hypothetically, of course.

And let’s say that this Love of Your Life gets overwhelmed because two of your three (hypothetical) children have birthdays right around the same time as YOUR OWN (hypothetical) birthday which is RIGHT NEXT TO Mother’s Day, and oh my God, it’s just nuts!

Soooooooooooooo, let’s just say that your birthday AND mother’s day hypothetically fall through the cracks every.single.year and you know what? That’s no fun.

This year I have created an affiliate-link free (no bullshit) handy dandy gift guide for this Beloved Person – it can be bookmarked, shared, printed and pinned.

And it doesn’t have to be about a birthday or Mother’s Day, does it?

I think just for being alive and present, not to mention for laundry, childbirth, c-sections, wiping snot and butts, for singing  “Wheels on the Bus” on an endless cycle of repeat at 4 in the morning, gifts are GREAT way to show appreciation for our presence and participation in the field of parenting!

Yes! For the hours and hours spent researching AND IMPLEMENTING every*single*thing possible to make those (hypothetical or not) kids well adjusted, happy, content, and “reaching their potential” – every exercise, therapy, book, app, game, pinterest playdough recipe. For the wrinkles gained, the pounds, the sagging skin, the stains on every garment owned.

I dedicate this list – which is listed in no particular order, and may be used at ANY time of the year – to you.


a. Time with friends:

Time to hang out with friends, time to TALK and catch up on everything that is happening in each other’s lives, time to sit and laugh and maybe cry a little too. Time to fill up on that special sauce that is ‘friendship’ and walk away feeling refreshed. This. Is. Gold.

Super awesomely thoughtful gift on the level of high radness? Arrange for Friend-Time.

Gold, I’m telling you.

b. Time with the Beloved:

mnmI love my One True Darling Man, Mikey. He’s my best friend and I find him wildly attractive. We haven’t ever been able to spend much time alone with one another since we had kids, but when we do, I treasure it. A marvelous birthday/ mother’s day present from him to me (NOT THAT I’M HINTING OR ANYTHING) would be to set up a great date night for us together. Love.

c. Time with myself:

I like doing things with myself too. I laugh at all my own jokes! Time doing things that relax or amuse me makes me happy, as I’m sure it does for most people. Things I like to do by myself:

– get a good haircut

It’s my belief, perhaps born from 10 years of living in Asia, that a good haircut can heal a whole lot. It’s maybe kind of like getting a great new frame that makes everything held a little better. Makes me look and feel thinner, younger, prettier, -er, -er, -er – all good, makes my world just more-er. If you are in the SF Bay Area, I recommend Remedy, in Emeryville. Any of the stylists; they are all great, and all awesome and all make me feel like a rockstar about once a year.


japanese bath– soak in a hot tub

I’d love to have a big, deep wood hot tub, preferably filled with hot spring water which may or may not be scented with natural oils/ candles… CHILDREN WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Except by specific invitiation.

And children will be OKAY with that (- they won’t cry or scream or want me at any time in which I am relaxing in it)

 – indulge in the spa-tastical 

You know, diving into packaged kits and sets, made out of NICE INGREDIENTS (- Earth Mama Angel Baby has nice stuff, as does Kiehl’s, L’Occitane and our new neigbour, By Nieve. Massages, fluffy towels and aromas that make you sigh.

I love this stuff. I think all women do?

2. Stuff

Stuff is nice too:

a. Cards

I really like these, and I like the handmade ones. I know, it’s almost a cliché, but I really, honestly dig the handmade cards made in squiggly kid’s writing with their deeply abstract artistic renderings. Love! Love the glitter and splotches of colour, love the “love you”, love the fact that the little hands were pressed upon the paper and creativity was flowing all over them

grandmothers necklace674 (1) b. Jewelry

Yes, I like this too! My favorite? Stuff made my this company – http://www.brentjess.com/ is my favorite [reminder! that is not an affiliate link – I get not one penny from them if you buy any of their cool stuff]. Swwoooon!  Fingerprint necklaces, wee drawings made by our creative genius’, oh, the love. Sweet, sweet things.

danskoc. Shoes

Give me darling shoes of nerd-bent and I’ll give ya a big kiss. Shoes I like include these old school Danskos, Saltwaters, (Merrill) BOOTS and pretty much anything red. Did I already mention the Dansko’s? Yeah, I really, really like them. You can get these ones at REI – or the dansko website (- NO affiliate links here!)

 d. Makeup

My dear friend Terre was asking me what I missed about my life before I had kids. I said, “makeup” and she was surpised, she said she expected me to say something deeper/more meaningful like “reading” or something.

Um, no.

I spent hours, literally hours in Sephora before I had kids, trying out EVERYthing, I read makeup reviews and new makeup reveals like novice runners read “Runner’s World” shoe reviews or tech junkies look forward to the annual Mac conference or those crazy-for-something people who sleep in lines for days waiting to buy tickets.

I loved makeup, I adored makeup! I miss it now. I miss the nice smells and colours of Benefit, the perfect lipsticks of Mac, the Nars glosses. I miss Urban Decay, their lovely fluid bold eyeliners, I miss Lancome mascara, Smashbox primers and shadows. I miss wandering around and testing, reading the latest Mario Badescu and Crepe Erase reviews,seeing what’s new, trying, mixing, shading, feeling.

Marvelous makeup, GUILT-FREE (- like, I’m not trashing my kid’s college fund for this blush) would be pretty awesome.

 e. Cute clothes

It’s been so long since I had cute clothes – or ones not stained, hole-y, pre-used, ill fitting in some way – that I’ve kind of forgotten what it’s like – but I vaguelly remember it was REALLY NICE and FUN! Like, fun flared pants, things that didn’t scream, “I WIPE BUTTS ALL DAY”.


Summing up, I’m completely predictable! I like clothes, jewelry, nice-smelling stuff (- but not perfume), flowers (I forgot to mention them, but I LOVE flowers!!), cards (handmade!), I like time with the people I love, especially the ones I rarely get to spend time with. I like hot tubs and relaxing.

Here’s the handy summary

giftlist meriah nichols


Another note: you can get GIFT CERTIFICATES for almost everything listed here! How great is that?!


Nomadic photo-junkie, cat-lover, peasant-handed mom of 3. Life is never dull.

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