I have been sick and yesterday I spent a long time looking outside.

The trees were moving something fierce with the wind, it felt so bright and alive and all the voices of the internet turned down, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down in the silence of my mind and the free beauty of our mountain.

Mister Roger’s wise words, “in the perspective of infinity, our differences are infinitesimal” wandered around my head as I sat with that throbbing head cold (and sore throat and extremely active little kids but that’s another story) and tried to fit that sentence around Rick Smith and every other person that I’ve never met that does things that annoy me online.

In the perspective of infinity, our differences are infinitesimal

and it seems to me that from the perspective of infinity, it’s joy that rules.

I need to remember that.

And so… here’s some joy:

tweedle dum and dee

(he is wearing her handme-downs, poor tyke)

meriah nichols outhouse and rain-19

meriah nichols outhouse and rain-7

meriah nichols outhouse and rain-4

Joy in the simple things. 

Like throwing rocks.

meriah nichols outhouse and rain-5

They have these little grunting conversations with one another, “uh?”, “uh, UH UH, uhhh…” “DA”, – “uh?” – and so it goes.


meriah nichols outhouse and rain-3

meriah nichols outhouse and rain-2

meriah nichols outhouse and rain-15

Joy in playing with each other meriah nichols_-20 meriah nichols_-18

The chicken coop that still doesn’t have any chickens…. I don’t think we will get any this season because we will be leaving to travel again in September/October and we don’t think anyone is going to be here to take care of them full time.

meriah nichols_-21

So the chicken coop is serving as a magnificent playspace right now.

cherries are coming along
cherries are coming along

meriah nichols_-5

It’s like she runs and hugs the world

meriah nichols_-3 meriah nichols_-8

Joy in FINALLY getting chicken grilled right.

meriah nichols_-7

With marinades from total scratch! Maybe I’ll be like the deaf version of Pioneer Woman?!

meriah nichols_-13

Joy in this stuff, which is called Fels Naphtha soap.

It removes oil from your skin – like, POISON OAK oil, so my skin is finally healing from the masses of poison oak welts I had going.

meriah nichols_-6

In the perspective of infinity, our differences are infinitesimal

we all – every single human being, bar none – responds to joy, and there is joy to be found and had in every moment. Sometimes it takes some looking for. Sometimes it is hiding in little cubbie holes, sometimes it is tucked away with the lint in a dryer, sometimes it is right out there in the open and I just have to open my eyes, like really open my eyes, and see it

meriah nichols_-2

Then… it’s everywhere



meriah nichols_-12

I hope your week is going well – you are finding the joy, even if it’s just a rad cup of coffee – and hope you are staying well.


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