Rain That Knows No Bounds

Okay, so.

10 days off

3 active kids

(one with Down syndrome: relevant because of her bolting, which you totally understand if you also have a kid with Down syndrome!)

Unrelenting rain!

Small house

A surprising lack of indoor activities in town

No respite or child care available for mama

……and… you’ve got….


And then I’ve got these hangups about the kids watching too much TV and frying their brains and stuff.

So I end up doing back flips to keep everything “educational”


But this is one of the rare times I think I actually did it – I think I actually pulled off a successful spring break without much time on devices and without my own insanity getting chucked!

Here’s what I learned about how to survive spring break with kids:

  1. Have a plan for each day

This might seem obvious, but it was helpful for me to stay calm (and carry on) when I looked at the calendar and saw something penciled in for each day.

It doesn’t mean we always did it.

Like when we drove to the zoo and as soon as we got there, it started dumping rain (not to be confused with non-tropical “raining”; this is when clouds literally dump buckets of water on you all at once)

Survive Spring Break with Kids
right before the rain dump

But what I think really helped is that the plans we developed, WE developed. I mean, I sat down with all 3 kids and we worked it out together.

They were totally invested.

Our plans included outings to Kilauea Iki, Punalu’u, Laupahoehoe Train Museum, ‘Imiloa, Paneweha, Onekahakaha and Richardson’s. Of all those “special” places, we only got to Onekahakaha, during a rare break from the rain:

survive speak break

Oh wait – and ‘Imiloa –

“Oohing” and “awwwing” over the star shows in the planetarium.

And we had fun at Target – going for non-essentials.

And visiting the art show that Micah’s art is in

Woot! GO MICAH!!!!!

Running around in parks, Moxie’s favorite thing to do –

Before even MORE rain came…

We didn’t get to do a lot of the things on our list, but I’m glad we took the time to make the list: I know I can pull it out and use it on other breaks.

2. Games

The kids wanted games. They ASKED for games, so I figured, all right. Let’s do this.

The best that we got were these:

Sunny & Stormy Day (book and card sets) I liked this one the best because two kids could easily play it at a time and it really has a lot in there to get them thinking about appreciation, what they look forward to, etc. It’s a really positive, cooperative game. Moxie also understood it.

 Sorry! (Board Game) This was awesome with all 4 of us playing; the kids loved it and it was fun. Moxie doesn’t really understand it though, and neither does Mack – they sort of just go along with what Micah and I are saying to do.

 Hungry Hungry Hippos I felt like I was 7 again, playing this. Made me miss my brother. Definitely a great game, and perfect for Moxie.

 Connect 4 – YES. Definitely a win.

 UNO – YES – Moxie and Mack are still struggling to understand the rules, but it’s a lot of fun, can go on for a long time or not. A win.

Games that weren’t so great: Chess/Checkers/Backgammon Set – too complicated for the little ones. Let’s Go Fishin’ – good for about 10 minutes – waste of money!

Games We Have Already That We Got More Mileage From:

Jenga Totally. Moxie is kind of obsessed with this.

 Magna-Tiles My kids tend not to play enough with this… when they do, they really GET INTO IT though. It’s a great game.

 LEGO Micah’s idea of a good time is one of those 20,000 piece sets from Lego…. for real, for real, for real.

Mack is getting into them too, but so far, Moxie has resisted.

“No princesses” she has said. I think Mack was trying to make them attractive to her during the break so that she’d play, too.

Pretty sweet.

3. Rest

I scheduled time in for naps, and for just easy reading, quiet.

I’m glad I did.

The rain made us all a little sleepy and we were less grumpy with our breaks.

4. Crafts

Okay, I confess. I normally hate crafts.

I hate the fact that they cost a lot, they require so much work to prepare for, they leave a mess, and kids invariably fight over supplies.

I kind of feel like crafts at home shouldn’t be engaged in until the kids are adults.

My kids, however, disagree with me, and sucker that I am, I went in for some.

This was the yarn-giraffe thing. Good grief. Never again.

Micah made a lot of origami things

Portraits, drawings. They made slime (for the first and last time) and “beaded

Slime. I just. Can’t even.



These were ALL hugely messy, big gops of guck that the kids fought over and clearly had a ton of fun with.

Therefore, crafts were a win and stay on my Tip List here. (except for that freaking giraffe-yarn-thing – I never want to do anything like that ever again)

5. Cooking

This was great!

They made pizza (that pizza that Moxie is beaming at), and breakfasts

Boss Man, Micah

Cookies, mac and cheese, cake, lemonade (lime tree outside!), pancakes, waffles, fruit salad.

They love cooking and I’m not as uptight about the mess that happens in the kitchen for some weird reason.

Maybe my kids can go to your place for crafts and yours can come to mine to cook?

Survive Spring Break with Kids

10 days + 3 active kids + a ton of rain, etc was challenging for me, still trying to work and get settled here, and I’m beyond glad this went as well as it did.

We had fun.

And I’m glad they are back in school for regular session… next week!

10 days, 3 kids, single mom, solid rain in the forecast and not much to do with kids in town. I thought I was screwed. Here is what happened, and what worked really well in how to survive spring break with kids (and what we will never, ever do again - yarn-craft-giraffe-thing, I'm looking at you!)

Nomadic photo-junkie, cat-lover, peasant-handed mom of 3. Life is never dull.

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