Why 21 Days?

I was kind of wondering why it seems like everything is set for 21 days. Have you noticed that too? It’s like every challenge, ever is for 21 days.

It’s because that length of time is proven to be enough to really change your habits. They say quitting smoking really takes 21 days – you’ll physically be over it in 21 days (psychologically is a different story though). It’s the same with the power boosts, fitness and eating challenges.

If you do it for 21 days, you’ll be set in a new habit, only this time, it will be a habit you actually want.

The Strong Mama 21 Day Holistic Wellness Challenge

I want to do a challenge too, only I don’t want it focused only on exercise and food, and I don’t want it to be a rigid following of some set system.
Because this is the thing: I was an anorexic/bulimic girl for a long time. I hated my body.
With spiritual pain and ptsd coming out of my seams, I was a cutter and couldn’t stop the pain.
I am 44 now.
I don’t want anything remotely going back to that. Having lost my brother, I now how precious life is and what a gift our bodies are.
With a divorce on my heels, I also want to take deep space for healing.
So a challenge for me needs to be flexible, just like I think we all want ourselves to be in our lives, but committing ourselves to our own growth, strength and yes, healing.

The Challenge:

Let’s do 3 things each day: let’s care of our spirit, care for the fuel we give our bodies, and care for the strength of our bodies.
That is whatever it means to you.

The Physical Piece

For some of you, the physical strength piece may mean working with weights, others with yoga. For others, it might mean chair exercises or running on the beach.
It doesn’t matter WHAT it is; so long as you are engaging that focus.

The Spiritual Piece

For the spiritual aspect, it could mean praying with the Bible every day, or studying the Quran, Torah, a holy book. It could be meditating every day, or dancing under the stars or painting.
Whatever it is, as long as it engages your heart.

The Fuel Piece

For the fuel aspect, it’s figuring out and challenging yourself to a form of fuel for your body that you know works best for you.
That will look different for everyone because everyone’s body is different and everyone knows what’s best for THEM.
The most important thing is to challenge yourself to do things that might not necessarily be easy and  consistently nourish your body in the best way you can.

This is a holistic wellness challenge.

That’s the verb, “challenge,” meaning “invite (someone) to do something that one thinks will be difficult, to test the abilities of“.
It’s not meant to be easy per se; it’s meant to be an avenue in which you can test your abilities to be good to yourself; to care for your body and spirit; to learn how to do the right thing by and for yourself.
Like I said in my last vlog, I’m following some things which I find helpful, which I’ll detail below.

The Fuel Piece

I plan to follow The Keto Reset Diet because it seems most easily do-able with my kids. I’m not going Keto – I’m doing the 21 Day Metabolism Reset that he outlines in his book. Upon finishing that, I’ll be ready for Keto if that makes sense at that point – we’ll see.

But the Metabolism reset one is like “Keto-Lite”.

The Physical Piece

I wake up and turn on Yoga on Gaia This one of the best things I’ve learned about this year. $9.99/month and they have this thing called Yoga Everyday
icon which is 15-17 minutes of a wonderful, short CAPTIONED yoga practice.

It is so good!!!! And so EASY!!

So, I’m totally diggin’ it. I also walk/run as much as I can, swim with my kids. In addition to these, I play on tuning into PiYo (linked below) and some 21 Day Fix DVDs to alternate.

The Spiritual Piece

This is extremely important to me, because I know by now that I get nowhere real fast without it.

I’m going to challenge myself with these:

Journaling – focusing on the positive aspects of daily life, creating the new story of how I want my life

Join Me

I’m only sharing what I’m doing as suggestions in case you want some ideas. However you want to do this, it’s all cool and good. The main thing is to DO IT!


Let’s give us all time to go grocery shopping and get whatever supplies we need, right? So let’s start on

Friday, May 11th, 2018

The challenge will run for 21 days, wrapping up on May 31st.

The Facebook group, “Mama Be Strong” can be a place to post photos of what we are doing (photos of exercise! food! dancing!) and reach out for support and cheerlead one another.

This is also running on Instagram – great place for photos. Hashtag your photos #mamabestronger 🙂

Okay, I’m going to start getting ready. See you on the 11th!

The 21 Day Strong Mama Challenge focuses on holistic wellness - paying attention to food (

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