So after we were totally blown away with meeting everyone from The Best School Ever, we had to wait around 10 days to start anything (on account of their Spring Break and all). When school re-opened, there we were, waiting by the door with some big smiles on.

Micah went on in and has not looked back. We put him in kindergarten because he was gravitating towards the two other kids his age (- yes, two…!!!). There are 7 kids in his mixed-grade class, ranging from Kindergarten through 3rd Grade.

Even though he’s attending and hasn’t looked back, it’s not all easy. He has hit some bumps in his road, namely that the other kids are not into Transformers or Star Trek. I think there a couple of kids in the school (- not his class, mind, the school) who are into Star Wars. As it is in all places, the kids here have their collective interests (and very cool interests I think they are, by the way: building cars for rallies, creating shields for play, soccer and good ole’ dirt n’ cars).

He gets upset thinking that the other kids don’t like him, or when they don’t want to play with him.

We do some walking through that stuff, reframing it to tell a new story. Instead of “the kids don’t like me, noone wants to play with me”, we go for, “it takes time to make friends. I’ve only been a short while and I’ve already gotten to know quite a lot of kids. It’s going to take time for them to get to me and for me to get to know them. I’m sure we will find things we like about each other. I already like soccer a lot more than I used to. I look forward to this time next year when we are all good friends and not everything is so new….” – etc.

Little by little, right?

I’m cool with him homeschooling or staying at home – but every.single.time I offer to let him stay home, he flat out refuses, “NO WAY!” – Despite his occasional bummed-out sessions on who-plays-with-what-and-whom, he LOVES SCHOOL. So much so that I can even use it as bait, “now, Micah, if you don’t put your clothes away, I’m not sure we can let you go to school…”

In This Post You Will Find:

Moving on!


Moxie started with the preschool class with The Best Pre-School Teacher, ever. I was there, right along with MacQuinn. We loved the class and the teacher BUT – yes, there is a BUT, there is a huge BUT that is in the form of MANY LITTLE BOYS. The class has around 7 little boys and only 1 other girl. The little boys are like Micah was at that age, in fact, Micah’s going to have a blast when school starts next year and all these boys will be joining his class!

But for Moxie, the class we tried next, the pre-pre-K (2-3 year olds)  was a lot more fun. The kids in the class were into the same stuff she is, puzzles, DORA, bikes, DORA, painting, DORA, blocks, DORA, crafts, DORA, gardening, DORA…. [full disclosure: the other kids don’t walk around saying “Ooo-RA” but they have Dora’s mug on their goods, so there’s some Dora-love going on for sure)

school garden
school garden

This is part of the school garden – and it’s while Moxie’s teacher was in the process of revamping it. UNBELIEVABLE, right? 80% goes to the kid’s school lunches, you can see the cafeteria cook walking outside with her big bowl, collecting the veggies she’ll be using in their lunch… I was nibbling on spinach back there and got a huge hankering for more – it was so thick and juicy! I’ve never had spinach like that! Have you? It’s always really thin and spindly when we buy it – Micah brought a bag home, YUM

fresh from school!
fresh from school!

Back to Moxie! Sorry, I’m kind of all over the place today, aren’t I?

meriah nichols_-13

So she has a lot in common with the younger kids. We tried it out with her, Mac-Q and I, then just with her

meriah nichols_-12 meriah nichols_-11 meriah nichols_-17 meriah nichols_-16 meriah nichols_-10

Leaving her there was AGONIZING for me – of course she was just waving me bye without even looking at me, me and Mac-Q were just hanging out waiting…

meriah nichols_-3 meriah nichols_-4 meriah nichols_

Mac-Q was clearly THRILLED to be hanging out with me all by himself. This kid? Well, like my mom said, “Micah has the Transformers, Moxie has Dora and Mac has YOU.”

meriah nichols_-2

So the day came in which we were just going to drop off Moxie. No waiting around, just drop her off and pick her up at the end of the day.


meriah nichols_-6

It went GREAT.

She is so ready it almost makes me feel bad, like, I should have had her in school before…? But no, because this, The Best School Ever was not around and I would never have trusted her out of my sight in any another environment.

There is a BUT coming. Ready? Okay, here is it: BUT she can’t attend as a registered student.

Nope… you see, her teacher can only have 8 kids in her room and there are 8 kids registered. Moxie can only attend that class if someone is absent OR if I stay and help out. I thought I’d stay and help out but I found it so draining that I’ve pretty much chucked that idea. So at this point, Moxie has a class that is perfect for her and that she can attend when someone is absent.

meriah nichols_-20

While I’d like her to be in school because she loves it SO DAMN MUCH and because it’s absolutely wonderful to have a semi-break, it’s okay.

meriah nichols_-23

Mac-Q doesn’t have me all to himself but he’s cool.


meriah nichols_-22

Sort of.

meriah nichols_-21


I wanted to add that The Best Pre-School Teacher Ever made it very clear that she welcomed Moxie in her class and would help Moxie adjust… she was so wonderful and sweet about it that I was really tempted. After all, if Moxie was in her class, she would have a definite spot (- they don’t have the 8-child cap). But I really think Moxie would get lost in that mix.

The Best Pre-School Teacher ever will most likely be Moxie’s teacher in the next year, along with The Best Pre-Pre School Teacher ever (- they are talking about team teaching!!!!!). So we’ll wait.


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  1. Brings back memories of when you and your brother started school. It was a a bit of a country school too – but not nearly like where you are – but still with that free-flowing, friendly small town spirit. It all seems like yesterday. Very happy memories for me still. Life is good.

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