This is a post about the voyage of the Hokule’a, a Hawaiian canoe that has traveled around the world.

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There is something about the interconnectedness of us and the stars that makes my heart swell and threaten to burst. Echoes of some ancient past, one in which we were stars, filters down to the star-dust in my blood.

Imagery of stars, poems of stars being affected by the life of a flower, visions of nebulas and a night sky alive are among my favorite things.

I’m adding the voyage of the Hokule’a to that.

the voyage of the hokule'a

The Hokule’a (pronounced “hoh-koo-leh-ah”) is a canoe built in the traditional Hawaiian style. It has sailed all over the world, using only the stars and the ancient methods of navigation.

Something in all of that moves me, and I know I’m not not alone.

The Voyage of the Hokulea

The Hokule’a sailed out of Hilo in 2014, and has been consistently sailing all around the world since, on a mission of aloha, connection, empowerment, and education.

I was thrilled to be allowed to chaperone Micah’s class on a field trip to visit the Hokule’a, meet the crew, hear their stories, and learn about their world-wide voyage.

The children chanted greetings in ‘olelo (Hawaiian), a teacher also chanted a thanks in ‘olelo, and at the end, the students gathered again to chant mahalo.

It was incredibly moving; these young students honoring their kupuna, these courageous, kind and highly knowledgable crew; and the crew sharing with them.

Chills up my spine; it felt like what true education should be: hands-on, authentic, from the heart.

Tthe original voyage of the Hokule’a left Hawai’i in the 1970’s. It profoundly changed people on a soul-stirring level. For the first time in most people’s lives, they could look to the voyage and see their culture in action, the legacy and history of the ancient Hawaiian Way Finders.

The original crew was honored at the Merrie Monarch Festival:

The Original Hokule'a Crew Honored at Merrie Monarch (starts at 45:00)

Hula, created and danced in their honor.

Hokule'a Honored Through Hula

It feels like the Hokule’a is so much a metaphor for everything I love: remembrance of the power within us all, our strength and ability to unite ourselves in fundamental ways down to the roots of who we are as human beings.

It harks a call to Culture and her ancient ways, and powerfully draws us to our stars and the guidance and song they sing within us still.

Mahalo nui, Hokule’a

The Voyage of the Hokule'a - A Journey by the Stars Through the Seas

Photos of the Hokule'a

Photos of the Hokule'a

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