This post is about weight loss: if that’s not your jam, skip over to yesterday’s post, God Loves Laughter

I lost 15 lbs.

That’s between July (when the shit hit the fan with finding out about my husband) and now. I haven’t been going too much out of my way with the weight loss stuff – I’m not on Beachbody or any special plan. I’m just kind of being mindful and exercising more, that’s about it.

I would like to up this, though, because I’m getting into that awkward between-size thing. I’m where my pants are falling down but the next size doesn’t fit.

Looking around, I’m super loathe to jump on with the Beachbody program because of how you need to subscribe to it and it ends up being way too expensive.

My friend Stefanie lost a lot of weight with Skinny Rules – Bob Harper (from The Biggest Loser) developed it, and it’s pretty much just clean eating. I can do that. But the book is boring and I can’t seem to get through it, so I’m going jump over to his Skinny Meals instead. It’s a good book because it just lays everything out and I just need to follow along – no guesswork.

Skinny Meals – My plan:

  1. Follow the recipes in the book.
  2. Use the Lose It! App to track (I’m Mo Wahwah on there, if you want to connect)
  3. Record all my food stuff on Lose It! (because it’s proven that when you keep track of what you eat, you lose more – don’t ask me where they proved it though)
  4. EXERCISE EVERY DAY: either the gym or walk/run or an old BeachBody DVD or through Gaia TV (good yoga programs on there)
  5. Post photos of my food & exercise on IG (I’m @mama_be_strong for weight loss/wellness stuff)
  6. I’ll post on the Mama Be Strong Facebook group, too – most of all, if everyone else wants to do a challenge together, like, start on Nov. 15 and continue for 30 days?

I know accountability helps me – as in, ‘okay, I really need to post stuff’ – and just logging in the “Lose It” app helps. Seeing what others are doing DEFINITELY helps, so I’d really appreciate it if you guys posted in the Facebook group. If you want to. If you are into it. And all that.

selfie of meriahThat’s it for now – here’s a selfie of me on my walk – I was actually taking it for a post that I’m going to write on the new bluetooth I have with my hearing aids (can you tell I’m listening to music here????? MY LIFE IS SO AMAZING NOW)



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