Tulum, Yoga & Walking Birth Control

Tulum is kind of like the hippie version of Cancun. It’s still got the refined-flour like white sand, stunning ocean, weather and sky, but the resorts are tucked amongst all the trees, so it doesn’t all seem as grossly glaring. The resorts are different too – they practically drip with new-agey wholesomeness, yoga-camps and aromatherapy.

The No-Tell Motel, an Iguana and Camping in Cancun with Kids

We hated Cancun. Oh, balmy air, sand so fine it felt like refined flour. Ocean water with all the blues your kaleidoscope can contain, and birds chirping so loudly and melodiously that I thought Micah’s “Big Business” app was perpetually on. It wasn’t the balmy air, fine sand and melodious chirping of course; it was

How We Ended up in a Sweat Lodge (Temazcal)

We spent a few days in Catemaco. It was simultaneously lovely and not. The campground (Tepetapan, 200 pesos) was the lovely part. It’s huge, green, on the edge of a river, with trees all around. Lushly gorgeous. And the kids and Kianna had fun playing But the town… sigh. It had the sad appearance of a

Veracruz…And the Truth About Traveling with 3 Kids

We drove from Teotihuacan to Veracruz with a stop in charming Cholula. Delicious mole poblano, snow-capped Mt “Popo” in the background… we would have stayed longer had accommodation been easier. But no one was at the Cholula campground to open it, and finding hotels to take Kianna was such a major pain the butt that

7 Reasons to Roadschool

Roadschool: if pressed, you can define it as “homeschool on the road” – teaching your own children while you travel. While roadschooling, you may or may not follow a set curriculum, but integrating aspects of travel and learning from the road are what fundamentally sets it apart from homeschooling. We roadschool. We follow some curriculum


I don’t even know. I was just in cranky mood for pretty much the whole time we were there. I am generally a pretty cheerful person, so that’s just not normal and I blame it on.. what… I blame it on the freezing cold weather there, on the greyness that seemed to perpetuate everything, on

And Then We Fell in Love: Patzcuaro

We didn’t expect to love Patzcuaro. We expected to have some fun admiring crafts but that was it. I was dead-sick when we arrived, completely non-functioning and in stupid pain (I ended up seeing a doctor and got knocked up with antibiotics). We wanted to find a hotel to stay in because it was COLD

A Pleasant Place to Get Sick

Villa Corona is an adorable little town about an hour from Guadalajara. It looks just like I thought a small town in Mexico would. Sleepy and colourful, with efficient, friendly beautiful and hospitable people. Amazing food. A rich weekly market with vegetables that could be placed directly in a Whole Foods display. Fresh cheese mongers, bakers,

Tepic Tales: When We Got Kicked Out of a Hotel

We were driving through the state of Nayarit (I didn’t even know there was a state in Mexico called Nayarit until we drove through it, isn’t that sad?) and I kept being reminded of Taiwan. The jungle-y-ness of the green, the wild, the feeling that if you had some gumption, energy (and maybe connections) you

Federali vs. Service Dog

The point  of going to El Fuerte was to catch the train to the Copper Canyon. Now, we had been planning on that train ride for a LONG TIME. Since it’s expensive (for us), we’d been saving specifically for that trip. We had read about it, purchased maps, researched the train  and actually put more