Here are some posts from our most recent trip to Thailand.

We took Air Asia there from Vietnam, going first to Bangkok, overland by bus to Cambodia. Looping back, we headed for the islands before Bangkok once more and back to Vietnam.

The House of Cats & Other Stories

This blog is going all over the place, and if you are following my Instagram and Facebook, it’s even worse, isn’t it! We’re just criss-crossing all over South East Asia. Just pretend it’s one of those books where they go back and forth with memories and it make a little more sense. Or not! Anyway,

Fireflies in Thailand…More on the Amphawa Floating Market

deep fried eggs, grilled (organ) meats, curries, shredded green papaya, fruit tea! crunchy whole crab, durian ice cream!

Amphawa Floating Market

Join us as we explore the Amphawa Floating Market just outside of Bangkok, Thailand